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Hector Galvez is a photographer originally from the sun-kissed beaches of Southern California.

Long ago I picked up an old film camera as a hobby. It did not take long for me to decide I wanted to make photography a profession. Years later I have been fortunate to be surrounded with wonderful supportive people that have helped me move forward. Year after year I would try and fail. From that failure I continued on to hone in on my photography skills. Now it has blossomed into something that I love to do because it keeps me humble. From creating photo stories to printing large format prints for clients, I have pushed myself every step of the way. I love creating photo books for both myself, family and clients to serve as a reminder to continue creating. Photography is a way to keep me grounded, remind me where I came from and what I am capable of creating. I love working with people to create great work and ever lasting memories.

My creative process starts from the inspiration I get after meeting with clients. After speaking with them I zone in on color palettes, composition ideas and location. Seeing the photo in my mind before capturing the actual shot is a big reason I am able to create a moment from seemingly nothing. Mental awareness of the smallest detail becomes more evident, time appears to slow down, every breath becomes crucial for tack sharp images. Then it boils down to nerves of steel in clicking the shutter button to record the shot. I shoot Nikon, I shoot a often and I shoot raw. Because much like raw format, I retain all the details to produce quality work. Let’s get together and do work.


I am here ready to compose, ready to expose and ready to capture your memories. Lets do work!

I am here ready to compose, ready to expose and ready to capture your memories. Lets do work!

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